Essay about Using Renewable And Clean Energy

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Climate change is having a positive impact towards architectural designs because it is revolutionizing house building by developing Green Homes. Farah Ahmad, a fifth-year architecture student at New York City College suggests that “Environmental Impacts: The natural environment is positively impacted. Using renewable and clean energy sources lessens our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting sources. The construction process of a traditional home alone emits much construction waste” (par.6). In other words, Farah believes green homes are beneficial and it is because they are energy efficient. They are energy efficient because it uses clean energy from other sources other than oil. Oil and fossil fuel spread carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which makes climate change be radical. Most importantly, revolutionizing house building by creating green homes amazingly impacts climate change in a positive way by using less energy than a normal home would use. Saving energy by not burning fossil fuel and oil will greatly help stop the air contamination, which makes architecture a cause to help control climate change.
Meryl Colton, a researcher at Harvard Chan School states “Green design incorporates many aspects that could reduce environmental exposures and improve health, such as the removal of pollution sources and the addition of exhaust ventilation” (par.3). Meryl’s point is that green homes have a remarkable impact on people and the environment by reducing pollution.…

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