Essay on Using Puzzles As A Tool For Improving Critical Thinking

1716 Words Dec 14th, 2014 null Page
The ability to problem solve is not always inherent in a person’s make-up. Some people have a natural ability to look at a situation or a process and come up with ideas on how to make improvements or offer alternatives. In the case of those whose problem solving skills are not innate, how do people develop this ability? Specifically, will working with puzzles be an effective aid for developing problem-solving skills? If so, how easily can the new or improved skill set learned by using puzzles as a tool translate to day-to-day activities? This research will look at the use of different puzzles and find out if these can be effective training tools to aid in developing or improving critical thinking in order to enhance one’s problem-solving skills.
Research Findings: The research findings demonstrated the value of using puzzles as a tool for improving critical thinking. A variety of puzzles, such as crossword, jigsaw, word problems, math problems and even scavenger hunts, were looked at to discover if certain puzzles were more effective than others as a tool for learning. The studies applied different kinds of puzzles to different learning environments and different target audiences. The majority of the sources used referred to students. Providing students with puzzles for tools to increase critical thinking skills is not currently a common educational approach. Most of the sources noted were from countries outside the United States. There is no…

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