Essay about Using Prefabricated Components Of Construction Projects

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Nowadays due to increasing the population throughout the world, the velocity of housing and construction is increased. However, increasing construction results in consumption of resources and destruction of the environment, as a result sustainable design and green building has become to a very urgent issue to protect the environment. Utilizing the materials which are less harmful to the environment is identified as one of the most important factors to improve sustainability. Using prefabricated components in construction projects is not only environmentally friendly , but also provide better quality and aesthetic for construction. The aim of this paper is to verify the feature of prefabricated building components and identify the advantages of them.

Prefabrication can be defined as construction methods in which a significant percentage of the construction completed off-site in a factory that produces large and complex components that are then transported and assembled at the site to accomplish the building. This procedure would be very helpful for poor weather conditions and also reduces waste in time and material at the site. Prefabrication covers practice, system and structures which simplifies construction. Buildings in traditional method normally are completed by purchasing and transporting the fragmented components, such as brick, timber, steel and cement to the site to construct the building. Prefabricated buildings adopt the components…

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