Using Porter's five forces to analyse Telstra Australia Essay example

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Business Structure

Telstra is Australia 's leading fully integrated telecommunications and information services company. Telstra 's organizational structure consists of Telstra Retail, Telstra Mobile, Telstra Country Wide, Telstra Wholesale, Telstra International infrastructure Services and Network and Technology Group. They offer a range of services from landline telephony, to complex mobile services, to high speed broadband. As required by the legislation, the Federal government remains 50.1% majority shareholders. However, the majority of the market shares are concentrated on several key market competitors.

Rivalry among existing firms

The telecommunication market is growing in a decreasing rate in the last few years due to
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Prices have reduced most obviously in the markets for international long distance and mobile calls. The price of a full range of telecommunications services has declined by 21.4% in real terms between 1997-98 and 2000-01 and there have been further falls since then ( ACCC report).

Entry barriers/ Exit barriers

Even with the deregulation of the market, entry barriers still exist for new entrants. Telstra has gained a strong

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