Using Online And Social Media Essay

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5. A sound working knowledge of the use of online and social media to communicate and market an organisation or community
My involvement with various community organisations has required me to create and effectively manage social media and online content. I develop and manage the Gawler and District College Foundation which has required me to create and effectively market to a diverse range of stakeholders. I have displayed this by marketing the foundation primarily through social media and somewhat through web publication. To effectively market the foundation through many mediums I had to identify the target audience and the language associated with the particular audience. The language that was to be used varies between the mediums and it is essential that I communicated to the correctly to the appropriate audience in order to maximise the effect of the media and market the foundation to increase its publicity. It is essential that publications remain regular and up to date.
During my broad experience in social media and online marketing I have also successfully co-marketed the Gawler Show and its various social media pages to promote the annual event. Using the marketing training received by the Show Society I have successfully managed various pages at once. Constantly being contactable through such promotional pages ensures that stakeholders are consulted with as efficiently as possible. Whilst managing such pages I was required effectively promote the event…

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