Using New Techniques And Technology Essays

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Sagalassos has remained a mystery to archaeologists for the past thousands of years. Despite being occupied for thousands of years by multiple different groups, Sagalassos crumbled to ruins and was forgotten. However, in the recent years since the discovery of the site, new information has been learned through excavations. More fine details are able to be obtained today through the use of new techniques and technology. The archaeologists at Sagalassos have used the available technology and workforce to discover the answers to their questions. In past excavations, archaeologists were trying to simply document the archaeological record for the site, however the excavation project conducted by the University of Leuven from Belgium is discovering the changing settlement patterns, the vegetation history, farming practices, landscape formation, and climatic changes. However, every archaeological project is not perfect and the Sagalassos project is no exception. There are still aspects about the project that are unclear. Yet, despite the projects faults, this archaeological project is valid because the websites are thorough, appealing to both archaeologists and people interested in the site, with clear publications from a variety of authors. The project also included students, mostly from the University of Leuven. Sagalassos is a site in Southwestern Turkey that sits on a mountaintop in the western Taurus mountain range with natural water sources nearby. The site is a few miles…

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