Essay on Using Motivation Theory On A High School Wrestler

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Utilizing Motivation Theory on a High School Wrestler Motivational theories can be utilized to encourage individuals in different settings towards the realization of specific goals and outcomes. An example of an individual who can be motivated through the use of these theories is a high school wrestler. Richie Smith is a senior on the high school wrestler team who has displayed some great signs or potential in wrestling. These skills have been demonstrated through the better than average record that he has achieved in his first three seasons as a college wrestler on the school’s wrestling team. Richie has established a goal of becoming a state wrestling champion with proven skills and accomplishments. In order to achieve his ultimate goal, Richie needs to be motivated at different points in his career. The motivation can be achieved through the use of motivation theories, especially the Self-Determination Theory.
Richie Smith is a senior on the high school wrestling team for the school at which I teach and coach. Richie has shown flashes of brilliance with his wrestling abilities throughout his career as evidenced by having accumulated a better that average record over his first three seasons as a varsity wrestler on the schools wrestling team. As Richie’s senior season began, I knew that in order for him to accomplish his ultimate goal of being a state wrestling champion that I would need to be able to motivate Richie at different points during the long…

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