Essay on Using Free Writing As A Method Of Teaching

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Writer 's Block is a common issue amongst writers who are beginner. The ability to write freely takes practice. An exercise that may help you to organize your thought process is called free writing. This is a form of pre-writing. It is important to become familiarized with this technique. Most English professors use this tool to assist their students with organizing their creative thought. However, this style is criticized frequently. Although it is not widely agreed upon, free writing is effective.
Most students identify free writing as an activity that is exclusively for the improvement of writing skills. However, educators use it as a technique to teach. Many educators use free writing to govern their classroom’s daily activities. Free write is a diverse method of teaching. This activity allows the teacher to plan and execute a specific agenda in the classroom. Educators use free writing as a time management technique. The functions are geared to allow the educator to gain control over the classroom. Educators also use the method of free write to emphasize on the main topic that they want to introduce. Free writing surges the productivity in learning environments. It allows the teacher to effectively and accurately assess. The student is compression level of the given topic. It also allows the educator to openly and effectively critique students ' work, allowing teachers to build bonds individually with each student. Marcus, Stevens explains this process effectively in…

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