Using Fossil Fuels For Electricity Essay

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We as humans are expending our fossil fuels at an alarming rate. By 2088 we will have completely run out of options for using fossil fuels for electricity (The End of Fossil Fuels). As the resources slowly diminish, people are looking for an alternative source to create electricity for both heat and light. This seems to be particularly true in the United States, where the government wants to not rely on the petroleum from countries in the Middle East. The idea is good, however the focus is less of the environment and more on the power, money, and dominance associated with it. For over 60 years humans have known about the power of splitting the nucleus of an atom. The making of the atomic bomb during World War II has opened our eyes to the sheer strength of the nucleus of an atom. Either way, nuclear energy should be used as the source for energy.
Nuclear power, is not as safe as burning coal, gas or oil in a factory, however it is much more cost effective and energy efficient which far outweigh the destructive potential to society as a whole and in part to the community living and working around the power plant. Today, there are 109 nuclear power plants in the United States which contribute roughly 20% of the power used in the United States (Nuclear Energy).These power plants are scattered all around the nation. They mostly sprung up after creating the “Manhattan Project”. After the bombing of Japan, the researchers realized the power of the fission and fusion reactors.…

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