Essay on Using Fieldwork As A Research Method

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The method of fieldwork analyzes people in an area to find cultural patterns and

understand their way of life. Fieldwork will help get a better understanding of the topic of

sex on TV and its relation to children by studying the reaction of children to the

commercials and sex scenes and see if it influences them in the outside world. It is very

important to get all the information needed to conduct sociological research and get

realistic findings. Fieldwork is a valuable method and will assist in collecting the most

reasonable information re-guarding the way sexual televising shapes the youth with

permission of the parents. The conflict theory and symbolic perspective will be used to

understand the situation and apply this research method

Field research is a qualitative method of collecting data aimed to understand,

observe and interact with people in their natural habitats. Qualitative research ensures

validity because all the work can gather patterns that make the data reliable.. There are

many advantages to using fieldwork as a research method. Fieldwork is perfect for

researches to get first hand experience and knowledge of the people and situations they

are studying. This is the only method that offers up close and personal analyzing of

participants and the way they live. The research involved in this study is very detailed

and allows the researcher to obtain information that cannot be grasped by using other

methods. Field research is the…

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