Essay on Using Examples Of Famous Artists

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using examples of famous artists. If students live in a rural area they do not have as many resources. Cities offer the best resources for schools, and therefore they are great places to live.
Not only are there educational benefits, one can also find more things to buy in the city. While anyone with internet access can shop, there is nothing like trying things on in a beautiful store in a city. The super malls have hundreds of stores to shop in. The shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed retail structures. While shopping centers usually have an open-air retail complex, both types of facilities usually have large parking lots, face major traffic arterials, and have few pedestrian connections to surrounding neighborhoods. Shopping looks completely different if people live in the rural area. “Most of the people in rural areas might have to travel far to buy some products, you can find out what these products are, it can be the monthly ration, or some common medication, that you are allowed to sell without a prescription” (Sarkar 1). There are not big malls in a rural area. People have to spend a lot of time using transportation to get to the right store. Also, people will not have access to international goods, and boutique stores. If someone wants to find specific products including jewelry, computers, or medications, they should go to the city, because usually rural stores do not have as many supplies. Anyone who likes to own nice things and being able to sample the…

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