Using Diversity and Inclusion to Provide Better Service Essay

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BUSI 3312: Organizational Behavior
Case Study (10%): Using Diversity and Inclusion to Provide Better Service

Mona Al Hilal

Dr. Beverley McNally

Submission Date:
April 7, 2013

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Question 1: Describe what is meant by diversity and equality. 3 Question 2: Explain which groups are particularly covered by equality laws. 4 Question 3: Analyze Tesco’s diversity strategy, explaining why it is important to the workforce, the customers and the business. 5 Question 4: Describe the different network groups and organizations that Tesco support. Evaluate why each is of importance in helping the business be more competitive than its rivals. 6 Conclusion 8

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Out at Tesco network represent a group of individuals with different sexual orientations where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members are recognized by other groups or networks within the organization.
Women in Business is a network that supports women’s rights and issues and help them to achieve their goals and potentials. It provides the support to women to develop their career through training, monitoring and career sponsorship. This network is really crucial as we all see now how women are leading the market and how effective they are in the business field. Supporting women can be a great strength and competitive advantage for Tesco against its competitors. Another one is Tesco Asian Network which help in promoting career profiles for Asian groups by holding events yearly to support Asians and give them the chance to share their experiences and see the job opportunities at Tesco.
ABC Network is the most recent network and its aim is to make Tesco as the the employer of Choice for African, Black British and Caribbean people. It provides some training and development programs and opportunities for black people to help them in reaching high positions within the business. By doing this, Tesco can promotes racial equality in order to promote its productivity and achievements.
Tesco also has strong

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