Using Cell Phones While Driving Essay

1807 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Either Text, or Drive.
Technology has conquered people’s daily lives, and it has developed to be involved in many daily events. Technology is supposed to help and support mankind, and to make life easier for them. Transportation, for example, is to take people from point A to point B in shorter time, while sitting comfortably in car seats, and maybe having air conditioning while traveling. However, this technology is not fully safe for people, and that is why all cars have to have seatbelts and airbags. Another example of technology is cell phones. With the technology of cell phones, most things that are far are considered way closer. Communication wraps our big planet and made it a small village. However, when using the technology of cell phones while using the technology of modern transportation, danger might happen. Many states in the U.S. have banned using cell phones while driving under any circumstances. Here in Arizona State, the government has not done anything about texting while driving. Should the State of Arizona follow the lead and ban texting while driving just like how many other states have done?
David Hosansky tells a narrative to emotionally appeal to the audience and strengthen his point:
Yvonne Mondragon of Longmont, Colo., was driving home from work one evening when she glanced down to read a message that a friend had just sent her. When she looked back at the road, she saw that traffic had stopped — and there was no time to brake. So she swerved into…

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