Essay about Using Block Scheduling For Traditional Schedule

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Everyone has had a horrible teacher they just want to be done with. With the block schedule, students can get rid of these teachers sooner. Block scheduling allows students to take four blocks a day for ninety minutes, while in traditional scheduling students take 6 or 7 periods a day for anywhere from 45-55 minutes. Because Davenport Community School District has been in debt for a while now, one of the solutions floating around is to change from block scheduling to traditional schedule. Although four blocks could be more expensive compared to six/seven periods, it is worth it because students can get more classes in, they will benefit from having less homework, and the teachers even benefit. With a four block schedule, students take eight classes a day instead of six, which increases their amount of classes. For students who are serious about their future, they can get a head start on earning college credit. “Students might be able to complete one year of post secondary study in addition to their high school program (through AP or courses taken on a college campus, for example)” (Advantages and Disadvantages of the Block Schedule). AP classes are a great opportunity for students to experience the amount of work that goes into taking college classes. Also, these classes are the closest students will get to a college level experience while still in high school. Depending on how a school does AP classes, students in block scheduling can have longer than students…

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