Using Automatic Processing And Effortful Processing Essay example

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Our memories is what makes us, us. It is what we use to study, read, visualize or even listen. Our brain uses our memories for encoding, storing in short and long term memory boxes and retrieving from them when we need them.
There are two parts of encoding, automatic processing and effortful processing. Let’s talk about automatic processing. Automatic processing processes the large amounts of info about space, time, frequency and even well-learned information. These four things are the big parts of automatic processing. Space visualizes your location and what is going on around you. Time is when you note your day’s events. You can even use it if you lost something and you retrace back your day’s events of what you did. Frequency is when you effortlessly track how many times something has happened. Well-learned information is like knowing your native language whether it is English, Spanish or Chinese, and when you see it, for example a billboard, you can not help but register the meanings of the words without any conscious effort. Automatic processing can be used in my AP Psych class when I am using the spacing effect on reading the chapters for my test, where certain sentences will automatically be in my head.
Effortful processing is when you rehearse or you repeat what your encoding enough that it becomes automatic processing. If I want to study for AP Psych quizzes and tests I have to give my full attention and repetition to study for them. My techniques to use encoding…

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