Using A Real Estate Agent When Buying A House Essay

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When making important decisions or any decision at all, we should avoid lurching towards a conclusion. There is normally a certain technique or way that people use to determine what to do or what side to take. The majority of people use sources to help execute these decisions. For example, when eating a bag of chips, you might examine the nutritional facts to observe how much servings there are, using a real estate agent when buying a house, and researching reviews when traveling or eating out.
The internet and other contemporary media offer numerous sources and it has become furthermore accessible to find them. The ease of posting services creates increased suspicion about whether the source is reliable. One way to determine if a source is reliable is to compare its information and credentials to other sources to confirm that the original source is not using false facts. Another way to see if the source is reliable is if the author is benefiting from your decision. For instance, if the article is talking about how momentous “People” magazine is and the author is Jess Cagle, who coincidentally is the editor of that magazine, hence that would not be a reliable source. Another way to check to see if the source is credible is if the author also mentions both sides of an argument. When an author presents both sides of a controversy it alludes to the reader that they have the power to decide on where they stand on the topic and makes the reader believe the author.
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