Essay Using A Personal Definition And Attempted Contextual Example

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Persistence of memory is major factor seen in both graphic novels. Persistence for references to this paper will be defined using a personal definition and attempted contextual example. Memory is seen to be persistence in that it is always present, no matter if the owner of the memory wants to not recall it or revisit it. Meaning we has memory reliant human beings, simply cannot, without the exertion of much effort or without use of psychological techniques, intentionally discard a memory or set of memories based on solely preference. A good example of this persistence and it’s meaning for the (sake of this paper) is seen in particular in Waltz with Bashir, Folman cannot discard (one can infer he would discard the night terror memory, that is if he could indeed discard it) of his haunting war time night terror nor can he comprehend it’s significance ((*memory flashbacks seen in:)Folman 1-4, 6-7, 10-13, 27, 89,114-115). Folman (the character) soon learns human memory is a marvelous but persistent instrument.
Another good example of persistence and its conflicting arousal of mental or physiological displeasure that without fail is always soon to follow its predecessor memory persistence, is also illustrated in Spiegelman’s Maus as well (The following pages were used specifically for support and personal reference for the evaluation of the content’s effectiveness, when used in the example provided to follow was based on the following: stories involving Anja, reference or an…

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