Using A Community Health Worker Intervention Essay

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Medicare spending increased 4.5% to $646.2B in 2015 ( If the statistic holds true that “1 out of 3 Medicare dollars is spent on diabetes”, with a high proportion of that spending a result of tertiary care needed because of poor or otherwise unmanaged care, comes to about $215B ( What this research is offering is not only a dollar amount that can be saved because of utilizing a community health worker intervention, but an increase of health status among the Medicare and related populations, and an unburdening of an already exhausted health care system. With these numbers in mind and our final estimated savings at more than $70B dollars annually, as well as references to the upfront costs of initiating the intervention, we believe that this may incentivize Medicare to uptake CHW-led programs for their older adult beneficiaries living with diabetes. The savings accrued could lend itself to the construction of a structure that would initiate the financing, education, certification, licensure, and continued health education and a necessary undertaking for all health professions.
Community health workers, though regarded as health care practitioners through the ACA, are the only group whose presence in the formal…

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