Essay on Using A Cell Phone While Driving

1082 Words May 7th, 2015 null Page
Cell phone usage is very prevalent nowadays; it is seen as a quick and easy form of communication and can be attained within the span of a few minutes. Since cell phones are portable, and allow for calls to be made almost anywhere, they allow an individual to choose where and when they choose to make calls. Today, many drivers prefer to communicate via cell phones while driving so as to save time or to just convey a quick message. This increase in cell phone usage while driving has been an area of growing concern for many—lawmakers, lobbyists, public safety enforcement officers and the general public—all have been concerned with the impact of using a cell phone whilst driving. In an experiment conducted by Strayer and Johnson, the effects of driving while using a cell-phone were studied. The experiment explored a topic that is constantly under debate—whether cell phone usage affects an individual’s driving performance. It was hypothesized that holding a cell phone, or partaking in other tasks, such as listening to the radio or an audio book does not interrupt with an individual’s driving, as much as having an individual’s attention divided due to a phone conversation. Although this dual task may divide an individual’s attention, it may not be solely due to peripheral factors. Peripheral factors may include external factors such as holding the cell phone. According to studies previously conducted, peripheral factors may leave an individual with only one hand to drive the…

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