Using 3d Printers Used For Its Production Essay

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This research’s problem statement investigates the ability to connect a 3D printed model to the 3D printer used for its production. The main objective focused on identification of physical characteristics of the 3D printed model that are caused by a specific 3D printer parameter. Two 3D printers were utilized in this research. The first is a Printrbot 3D printer (model 1404) running Marlin Firmware (version: 1.0.0 bedlevel metal- simple). The software used to communicate with the Printrbot 3D printer is Repetier-Host (version 0.56) running on a Macbook Pro. Figure 1. Printrbot Model 1404 The second 3D printer is the developer’s edition of the Voxel8 [29]. Voxel8 utilizes a proprietary cloud application for printer communication via WiFi or network connectivity. The design and development started with an investigation of the required software needed to complete the printing process with each 3D printer. To achieve this, online documented tutorials from the respected 3D printer manufactures were collected to determine what is required to complete a print job.
The tool path investigations main goal is to identify what software package or packages are supported by the 3D printers and what tool is used for object slicing. Two software packages were found to be compatible with the Printrbot 3D printer. The two software packages that were identified include Repetier-Host and Cura 3D. Repetier-Host was found to have built in support for the slicing tool named Slicr…

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