Uses of Ict in Nigeria Essay

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The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Language Teaching and Learning In University Education
In 2000, Nigeria developed a policy on Information Technology (IT), with the aim of making Nigeria an IT adapted country in Africa and also a leading player in the use of ICT as an implement for sustainable development and global competitiveness. Since then Information and Communication Technology has been on the lips of every academic. The world is about to leave behind anyone that is not ICT compliant. ICT has various forms and roles which it performs in learning, especially in the teaching and learning of language. It is a powerful tool which can take the form of texts, pictures, tables, graphs, emails, fax,
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These include:
• Establishing a coordinated programme for the development of a national, state and local information infrastructure backbone.
• Increasing the telephone line penetration rate by expanding the existing Telecom network and providing new networks by employing modern technologies in order to minimize the cost of expansion.
• Encouraging further deregulation of the Telecom industry with a view to providing affordable, competitively priced Internet connectivity for a larger community of users.
• Restructuring the educational system at all levels with a view to developing relevant IT curricula for the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in order to respond effectively to the challenges and imagined impact of the information age and, in particular, the allocation of IT development fund to education, etc. (Dzidonu, 8).
The above strides by the government show that ICT is given priority by all sectors. Its roles in university education cannot be ignored. Yunus citing Fleccknoe (2002:5) states that ICT can be used in facilitating various forms for online conferencing and creating virtual discussion with friends or teachers online. This online conference enables teachers or students to share information with their peers and friends who are staying far apart across the oceans. This provides a wide opportunity for students to increase their usage of the

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