Uses And Methods Of Transportation Essay

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Cells use various methods of transportation to move material in and out of the cell. The semi-permeable plasma membrane surrounds the cell and allows certain materials to enter and exit the cell. Simple diffusion is movement of molecule through the plasma membrane without the help of any channel or proteins. In simple diffusion molecule move down their concentration gradient; as a result, they don’t require energy input. In the computer simulated lab for simple diffusion, nothing will move across the membrane because NaCl, urea, albumin and glucose are all too big to go through the semi-permeable membrane. Facilitated diffusion is movement of particles from high concentration to low concentration with the help of a carrier protein channel. Facilitated diffusion does not require energy input since particles are moving down its concentration gradient. In the computer simulated lab for facilitated diffusion, if the number of carrier molecule increase glucose transport will also increase because there would be more channels for the glucose to go through. Osmosis is the movement of water through the semipermeable membrane. Much like diffusion, osmosis does not require energy input to take place. In the computer simulated experiment NaCl, albumin and glucose were examined. If osmotic pressure is tested in the experiment, there will be significant amount of pressure visible with all of these solutes because there would be a large amount of solute in the solution. Filtration…

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