Use the Sources Below and Your Own Knowledge to Explain How Far You Would Agree with the Statement That the Cold War Developed in the Years 1945 to 1953 Primarily Due to the Role of Individual Leaders?

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Q) Use the sources below and your own knowledge to explain how far you would agree with the statement that the cold war developed in the years 1945 to 1953 primarily due to the role of individual leaders?

The term ‘Cold War’ refers to the period of struggle and conflict between the USA and USSR between 1945-1991. Each of the Superpowers saw the other as a threat to its continued survival and adopted strategies to preserve their positions. The two Superpowers never went to war directly with each other in this period, but became involved in conflicts such as the Korean War where each side stood behind the other nations involved.
This statement suggests that the ever-increasing hostility between the USA and USSR during this time period
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This means that he didn’t even consider the possibility that Stalin was actually expanding for protection and was defending itself from future invasion.
Truman was very concerned by the growth of Soviet power. Truman realised that the USA could no longer continue with its policy of isolationism. If the spread of communism was to be halted, Truman believed that the USA would have to be much more active in world affairs. To defend the USA from communism, Truman believed that he would have to support other countries militarily and financially in order to prevent them from potentially becoming communist states (Marshall Aid). This policy became known as the Truman Doctrine.
Truman’s ruthless and arrogant nature can be shown by the policy of Atomic Diplomacy. This was a deliberate policy by the US to use the threat of atomic attack to make the USSR more compliant, however, there was no evidence that Stalin was in any way cowed by this, and this in fact led instead to an accelerated Soviet nuclear programme.

Source 3 on the other hand provides evidence that it was instead Stalin as an individual that contributed to the development of the cold war. This source portraying the development of the cold war as being mostly due to Russia as a whole, but Stalin as an individual did have his role, as his personality described in the source as ‘the madness of Stalin’. However this source does not resolve this claim with

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