Use Of Weather In It's More Than Just Rain Or Snow, By Ray Bradbury

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As Foster mentions in Chapter 9: It 's More Than Just Rain or Snow, weather can define a story. Weather has the ability to add an otherwise unknown or invisible mood that the writer wants the readers to feel. Weather is used in stories as more than just simply part of the setting. As Foster says,"Weather is never just weather." By this he is saying that the weather means something, it is symbolizing something of a greater meaning. Ray Bradbury is an author who is able to tell his stories incredibly well through the use of the weather. Specifically, he uses weather to portray the role of a renewal of spirit and hope. Bradbury allows the weather to take over and tell his story for him in the short story, ¨The Day it Rained Forever¨. ¨The Day …show more content…
Fremley decides that he has had just about enough of the heat. He asks the other two men why they can 't all just pack their bags, leave the town, and move to a place with rain. Mr. Terle, the owner of the hotel, leaves Mr. Fremley with the simple answer that no one would ever want to buy the old, dusty hotel from him. As time goes on throughout the day Mr. Fremley, along with Mr. Smith, begin to really question if their ghost town will ever get rain again. Mr. Terle is convinced that they will be getting rain within the next few hours, due to that fact that it is almost the 29th. Mr. Fremley and Mr. Smith refuse to believe what Mr. Terle is saying and they even start to make bets that there will be no rain for the rest of the …show more content…
He can be quite transformed when he gets there." In "The Day it Rained Forever", the rain is the music that Mrs. Hillgood plays for the men with her golden harp. This "rain" give Mr. Fremley, Mr. Terle, and Mr. Smith the hope and renewed spirits that they have been so desperately desiring. The rain of the music notes cleanses the three men of their unhappy and once miserable lives. As Foster says, the rain is also able to make a transformation. In this case, the transformation made is that of the desert ghost town that the men live in. The rain transforms the dried up town into a lifetime full of endless joy for the men as the music will continue to endlessly rain upon them. Foster also mentions that, "Rain can bring the world back to life, to new growth." In the story, the raining music truly does bring the men back to life by surrounding them with beauty. The rain also brings the men 's spirits back to life as they were once lost in their miserable old world. Due to this happening, the men are able to restore their lives and tired hearts as the long drought finally

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