Use Of The Experimental Drug For An Elderly Or Senior Citizen Aged Patient

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use the experimental drug? Ethically the medical team catered more to the emotional requirements of the family opposed to physiological assistance. The case indeed is complex the spouse wanted to keep her alive at all costs. However, at the end of life, he changed his views mostly he may have accepted the inevitable shall come. The medication did not improve the patient’s condition. Each patient varies the question as to what determines the quality of life. That is an excellent question. Age is a determining factor opposed to an elderly or senior citizen aged patient. What the patients care in this scenario was emotionally taxing on HCO workers. At times professionals connect personally putting themselves at risk of burn out and or transference-countertransference. The patient was a cancer survivor, so cancer care was in remission yet come back aggressively in full force. Physicians may advise, but it is the patient and families’ decision to determine their care. The skilled physician states the case study is entirely preventable. The 4tpv1 vaccine is a vaccination that may have prevented the case study patients’ outcome. The physician believes that public awareness and marketing did not help to raise awareness. Marketing and sales ran with HPV campaign. Physicians believe if physicians and clinical staff were more involved that mere public would have sought care and recovery (HPV). HPV is not a live virus it is a placebo. The skilled physician is a wealth of knowledge…

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