Essay on Use of Social Networking

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The Use of Social Networking Technologies in Business Environments:
Through The Usage of Blogs in Marketing

The business world has been transformed by the usage of new technologies in more ways than one. With the usage of the social media sites such as twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube just to name a few it has taken the marketing schematic of business to all new heightened levels. Anyone from anywhere that have an Internet or Wi-Fi connection get in on the latest social media that is being put out there in real time. This has taken the business world into entirely different forms and levels to being about to market ones good and or service. A company is now able to market their brand to a massive
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This is giving the corporate business world no choice but to change with technology on a daily basis. According to The New Rule of Marketing and PR, Scott (2007) states the basics of old rules in which a company saw the aspects of marketing. Marketing was once just seen as being another advertisement of the company’s goods that are being sold as well as the marketing schematic should be appeasing to all. The gimmick of advertising was just one sided basically information from the company being told to the customer. Along with the marketing schematic of advertising was just a campaign that was short lived for the moment. Forth it was crucial for the advertising agency to win recognition for their work behind the creativity (p.12). When it comes to public relations, technological advancements have also transformed new rules in this sector within the business environment. The old rules in public relation of marketing ranged from only being able to justify a press release by having a subsequent amount of information to put out in the media. Also individual companies once only conversed with the journalist through a press release, and those press releases only being seen by a selected few. The media had to write up stories in order for customers and perspective customers to know of their existence.
Scott (2007) stated:
Prior to the Web, organizations had only two

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