Use Of Social Media On College Students Relationship With Communication And Self Concept

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Use of Social Media by College Students Relationship to Communication and Self Concept

Even though social media represents a great way to link and communicate people all over the world, it can also ruin the lives of those who do not know how to use it adequately; mental health problems, time management , and vanity in college students’ lives are some of the negative aspects that social media cause to its users. these days social media is the a innovation and sensation to which everyone want to have access. Whenever I am waiting for the bus, walking to my class or just pay attention to the people around me, I just see slaves and addicts to social media. the question is why does social media has become so important to those who use it everyday. I think that what makes it so special is the fact that through social media is an easy way to communicate with people close and far from you, but it also allows people,mostly college students to create fake self images of themselves.
While college students pretend to be aware of the risks of the excessive social media use, social media can contribute to a poor mental health. Heavy social media users are usually more likely to show poor psychological mental health, and this will certainly lead those heavy users to suffering from stress and anxiety, which can greatly affect college students’s lives, academic development, and the ability to socialize with friends.”Kevin Eagan, the program 's director, believes that the increase…

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