Use Of Racist Language Controls And Its Effect On People Essay

1068 Words May 29th, 2016 null Page
The use of racist language controls thus having an effect on people. Racism takes different forms ranging from jokes and name calling to extreme cases of physical abuse and violence. The use of the n - word has historically suppressed people effectively controlling people. Racial discrimination takes place in all facets of life from sport to employment. Issues such as bullying and political correctness in schools and colleges in certain contexts cannot be considered as racist. Society still maintains there are equal opportunities for everyone yet we still use racist slurs to exclude minority groups. In every sphere people are considered to be “a little bit racist” (Walton Priest & Paradies 2013 pg. 86).
Discriminatory language has historically been used to overpower certain groups residing in society therefore affecting people in a negative way. Racism occurs within society due to ways of thinking linked with uneasiness, strangeness and refutation of the issue present within society (Sommers & Norton, 2006). The racist slur “nigger” dates back to the early sixteenth century where the word effectively conveyed a slave’s identity (Rahman, 2012). This word “nigger” further highlights the notion of black people compared and to a high extent treated like animals while predominant white people gaining privileges. “Hosea Easton described nigger as “an opprobrious term, employed to impose contempt upon blacks as in inferior race” (Rahman, 2012 pg. 143). This quote highlights the…

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