Essay about Use Of Phubbing On Gannon University 's Campus

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The Phones and Phubbing group would like increase awareness of phubbing on Gannon University’s campus. Our first plan of action would be to make flyers to explain phubbing and have them posted in areas where it might be more common, like an elevator. Also, we would like to make stickers for students to wear to show their support of the movement. Furthermore, we would like to host an event to explain phubbing and why college students should be especially aware of it. At the event, students would receive a presentation about phubbing then take part in a mingling activity to meet new people and create small talk. We ask for $100 of funding from outside investors to provide refreshments, snacks, and advertisements for the event. Phubbing has become a social faux pas that must be stopped.

According to an article on Wordability, the word “phubbing” is a combination of the words phone and snubbing. It was originally believed that Alex Haigh, a student at Melbourne, created this word when he designed the “Stop Phubbing” website. Although, the word was actually created in May of 2012 by the McCann advertising agency. The advertising agency created the word “phubbing” to raise consumer interest and up sales of their new dictionary that was going to be released, the Macquarie dictionary. Shortly after the announcement of this new word, it was trending on social media and various other websites.
If you haven’t heard of the term “phubbing,” you’ve probably…

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