Essay on Use Of Non Lethal Weapons By Law Enforcement

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Use of Non-Lethal Weapons by Law Enforcement.
This paper will answer the five questions offered below:
1. When did law enforcement start using non-lethal weapons and the different types of non-lethal weapons?
2. The two primary continuums and the significance of Non-lethal weapons and why law enforcement needs non-lethal weapons?
3. What are the causes and effects of non-lethal weapons, in regards to Tasers and pepper spray on a suspect?
4. When a subject is sprayed with pepper spray, can OC cause the death of a suspect from not being able to breathe?
5. What impacts do non-lethal weapons have on society?
The use of less-lethal force by law enforcement personnel started in the “1960s during the civil rights and anti-war movements” (Wilson 218). These movements assisted tin creating situations in which large groups of people were coming into contact with law enforcement. Given the emotional status to these situations, violent encounters started becoming more widespread. As such, less lethal methods of crowd/riot control became the focus for law enforcement. At the time, chemical agents/irritants were the most frequently used method to control riots. Other less than lethal weapons, but not limited to are, wooden, rubber, and bean-bag bullets/rounds, were also being introduced, but given restrictions on law enforcement budgets, these suffered from the lack of testing before being used.
However, the term "non-lethal" is and has been used by most manufacturers to describe…

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