Essay on Use Of Mobile Phones While Driving

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Using Cell Phone While Driving

Using cellphones while driving is extremely dangerous not only for the driver but also for other people driving on the road. To avoid accidents caused by the use of cell phones on the road, usage of mobile phones should be banned. Mobile users are not only risking their life but also putting the life of innocent civilians at risk. Governments should take serious action in this regard and pass specific rules and regulations banning the use of cell phone on the road while driving.
Heavy fines and penalties should impose on those breaking this law, and action must be taken against them to enforce the law on everyone in the society. Over the years, many awareness programs and sessions have been conducted to create awareness about the threats posed by the use of cell phone while driving. However, there are still some states which have relaxed rules when it comes to the use of mobile phones or similar form of technology on the road while driving. There are some reasons mobile usages while driving should be discouraged.
Cell phone use is the primary reason for causing road accidents all over the world. Cell phone use on the road while driving distracts the person in the driving seat. No matter how much of an expert driver a person is, he or she takes eyes off the road to check a text or attend a cell. Research has been conducted on the issue and results have shown that cell phone use whether texting or driving is one of the leading…

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