Use Of Language And Malala 's ' Malala Day Speech On The Un Youth Assembly '

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Discuss the use of language use in Malala’s “Malala day” speech to the UN Youth Assembly. –Emily Jones.

Malala Yousafzia delivered her speech to the United Nations Youth Assembly on her 16th birthday. This speech was significant as Malala is the youngest person to date to receive the Nobel Peace prize. The purpose of this speech was to unify and help society move forward with education becoming a right for boys and girls worldwide.
During her speech Malala refers to her audience as her brothers and sisters to address them. Shown in the following quote “Respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters”. This shows an acknowledgement that Malala is aware she is younger or a similar age to the majority of her audience and when delivered she looks to the audience and makes eye contact with them. In addition with the use of ‘brothers and sisters’ this shows that she does not see herself as superior as a result of what she has achieved but instead shows that she is equal to them and on the same level. It also shows that she is humble about receiving this award, which, is a trend displayed throughout her speech at several different points. This also shows that she might feel as if she doesn’t deserve this award from the way she has expressed this with her use of tone in her voice.
Malala mentions in her speech several important authority figures in her speech but specifically mentions Benazir Bhutto, who was the first female president of Pakistan. “It is an honour for me that…

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