Use Of Freedom Of Speech, And The Right For Free Speech Essay

855 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
A recent assignment required an examination of two role plays; investigating different viewpoints, considering the concept of freedom of speech, then selecting a respondent and writing a letter to the editor from this point of view. The role play topics were controversial, and I encountered ambivalence when selecting the response roles. In retrospect, I realise this was probably because I had preconceived views on the role play subject matters. However, when looking at the bigger picture: the right for free speech, and the right to live without fear of being traumatised by others, the assignment was more approachable.

It surprised me to see patterns forming even though the two cases were very different. Now, when contemplating both cases I notice elements of hypocrisy, and have wondered if the idea of free speech itself, in today’s society, is in fact hypocritical in the sense that it is not really “free”. I considered political correctness as one reason for this. Political correctness, when language is limited to avoid potential offence to groups that have been disadvantaged throughout history (Oxforddictionariescom, 2016), consequently places censorship on speech. Additionally, current global sensitivities, for example, terrorism, also seem to impact the ability to speak freely; partly due to political correctness, and the sensitive nature of the issues themselves. To truly speak freely is to be uncensored, this in itself is a dangerous concept that could…

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