Use Of Drone Warfare On The Middle East And North Africa Essay example

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There is no contesting that there is major debate surrounding warfare of any kind, whether in terms of man-to-man combat warfare on battle grounds, modern warfare with the use of more advanced technology such as UAVs and drones or the more contemporary cyber warfare. Debates concerning the legality, morality and cost-benefit analysis of these kinds of warfare has filled the rhetoric of policy analysts, scholarly academics and national leaders on international frontiers. With the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) regions currently highlighted as hotspots for the ‘war on terror’, it is pertinent to analyze and understand the implications of the various kinds of force being used against the terrorist groups and the innocent civil populations of these MENA cities such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Mali by countries with the most technologically advanced military arsenal such as the United States of America.

Titled ‘To Keep America Safe, Embrace Drone Warfare’, Michael Hayden’s article defends the American use of drone warfare against terrorist groups outside their geographical jurisprudence. Hayden presents strong arguments for past, present and continuous use of such military force against terrorist factions such as al-Qaeda which he argues are responsible for the spread of radical Islamism in countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mali. Hayden’s major justifications for such extreme use of force by the Americans, via the central intelligence agency’s…

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