Use Of Cell Phones While Driving Essays

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During the last decade, cell phones have become a major source of communication. Since, the 1980’s the use of mobile phones has rapidly increased. We are living in the time where the majority of people own a cell phone. Due to the increase in mobile phones, driving while using a cell phone has become a major concern. We can see in our everyday life many drivers using their cell phones while behind the wheel. What are the effects of using cell phones while driving? One of the major effect is distraction. Many wrecks on the road can be associated with some type of cell phone usage while behind the wheel. They are three major distractions while driving using your cell phone can cause, they are physical distraction, auditory and visual distraction. All three distractions cause major effects on the road.
First we see how driving while on your phone can distract you physically. The distraction is physical because while driving people hold their phone in one hand and steer with the other. Making it more difficult to drive, resulting in not having full control of the vehicle. When a person does not have full controlled of their vehicle it raises the risk of having some type of motor vehicle accident. Yes, many of us like to drive with one hand, however there is a difference when something is taking your focus away and preventing you to staying alert while behind the wheel. Also, when you do not have full controlled of your car, it can cause you to have a slower reaction or a…

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