Use Of Cell Phones While Driving Essay

1478 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
Although laws have been passed to prevent drivers from texting, the people look over them and continue to put themselves at risk for accidents. In the article “driving us to distraction” written by Gilbert Cruz, the senior editor at, writes that a national survey from 2008 revealed that approximately 63% of drivers planned to follow through with laws against using cell phones while driving (Par 8). Drivers very clearly are distracted while using their cell phones. The use of cell phones while driving can cause harm to individuals, as well as themselves, because they are not paying attention, their reaction time is decreased and they are unable to correctly operate a vehicle. Cell phone use can be helpful while driving. For example, the phone may be being used as a source of directions. If an individual is lost, they can simply load an address in to the GPS and it can take you to your desired location. Then, the individual wouldn’t have to sit and wait until someone came to help and they could quickly return to familiar territory. Cell phones are very handy in emergency situations. For example, if a woman’s water broke, she would be able to pick up the phone and contact loved ones immediately to let them know. This would also be helpful if a car accident was witnessed by a nearby driver because they could inform the police right away to help get help to the victims more quickly. Texting also allows for quicker communication between two or more individuals. Such…

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