Use Of Case Diagram For Accounts Receivable Essay example

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Use case diagram for the accounts receivable
The diagram represents the activities performed during the maintenance of old and new accounts. It is through this process that new accounts are created, overdue ones identified, and others discarded. The process identified in the diagram also helps in identifying the amount of money that the company is set to receive from its customers from time to time (Ibrahim et al., 2011). This process is crucial since it ensures that the company does not run on debt and that all products and services are paid for. The accounts receivable department also ensures that overdue accounts are closely monitored for thirty to sixty days. It also ensures that the company is cautious when granting credit to customers. There is also a general rule observed in accounts receivable that says that the older a receivable gets, the less likely it will be fully recovered (Ibrahim et al., 2011).
Use case diagram for invoicing
The diagram, in this case, identifies the steps taken by the invoicing departments in requesting payment for goods and services as per the agreements between the company and the buyer (Bonilla-Morales, Crespo, & Clunie, 2012). It outlines the invoicing process, the parties involved, items, prices, and quantities of products. The purpose of developing the use case diagram for the invoicing department is to ensure that specific business transactions are outlined and that they meet the standards of the company. It is very critical to note…

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