Use Of Carbon Compounds As Fuel Essay examples

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Use of Carbon Compounds as Fuel:
Carbon based fuels:
What makes a good fuel? What are these fuels used for? Combustion effects good bad
The main carbon based gases in use today are coal, gasoline and natural gas.
Coal: The chemical formula of coal is C135H96O9NS. Nearly 85% of Coal is made up of Carbon and the rest is mainly hydrogen and oxygen. Coal doesn’t have a melting point. Like all fossil and biofuels, all different kinds of coal produce CO2 when burned. Coal energy quality varies based upon where it is mined. Some coals can produce more energy than others.
Gasoline: C8H18 is the chemical formula of gasoline, which like coal is a mixture of hydrocarbons. There is no fixed melting point of gasoline although it is considered around -57 degrees Celsius. The reason why there is no fixed melting point is that it is a mixture of hydrocarbons all with different melting points that all have varying arrangements. Gasoline has a low boiling point from 25 – 35 degrees Celsius, although it is far more likely to explode than boil when heated.
Natural gas: Methane is the primary component of natural gas, with the formula being approximately 80-95% methane (CH4), 5-15% ethane (C2H6), and >5% other hydrocarbons like butane (C4H10) or propane (C3H8). fuel energy content (kJ/g) mg of carbon dioxide produced for each kJ natural gas 52 53 petrol 43 71 coal 24 93

A hydrocarbon is a compound made up of only carbon and hydrogen atoms.
Hydrocarbons are....
alcohols Global…

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