Essay on Use Of A Razor Sharp Pain

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A razor sharp pain near my neck interrupts my thoughts. The color flares one last time, then darts away through the water like a startled fish. Something has a firm grasp around my chest. There 's a rush of the current as it pulls me toward the surface. A warm burst of air spills over my head and I 'm hoisted onto a jagged rock. My head hits the ground, shooting sparks behind my eyelids. My body gently sways back and forth as a wave heaves around me. Out here in the stinging sun I have no excuse to continue drowning. My ears are clogged, but I swear I hear a muffled scream.
Something warm presses against my lips. A shared breath forces its way into my mouth, but can 't push deeper into my lungs. I 'm so full of water, there 's no room for anything else. My ribcage is crushed with a few brisk pumps. My throat tingles. I brace myself for the pain that always comes when I am pulled out of Limbo.
Every last drop of water erupts out of me.
Pain comes rushing back over me all at once. A raspy gasp shakes my entire body. The burning in my lungs is awful, the same thing I felt when I took my first breath of water. My lungs are blazing and my back is grated from being pulled across the rocks. I spit salt from my lips.
A dark grey cliff comes into focus beside me. I 'm just a few feet away from the water, on top of an exposed part of the reef. A girl in a slim pink wetsuit hovers above me, breathless. A thin strand of her sun-streaked hair is stuck into the corner of her mouth. She…

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