Use Of 3d Printer For Everyday People Essay

1214 Words Oct 11th, 2015 5 Pages
How do you feel about the thought of weapons coming from a 3D printer. I think that the government should ban the use of 3D printer for everyday people, and should be able to use in certain facilities under supervision. 3D printers can make weapons and other illegal items. The first 3D printer was made in 1983 by a man named Chuck Hall. The printers are meant to make small things that could be molded with plastics. There is a laser that goes and molds the plastics on a 3D printers have the ability to create objects that are not legal. Just keep in mind that the items that are made from a 3d printer are mainly plastics so they can go through metal detectors and such.

One of these 3D printers has the abilities to print out guns at a low cost. It can take an average Joe who can not get a gun due to mental illness or past actions just to press a button and get a weapon that they should not have. The government keeps a tab on who has firearms and who doesn 't and now it going to make their jobs a whole lot harder because now they can be made in people 's homes in twenty minutes. Knives can also be made with the printers. Another item that could be made is a knife/sword that could be used for many different things. This goes back again to the airport/school problem. Schools in neighborhoods that have high crime rate have metal detectors and that could be a problem. The crime rate is going to raise higher and that is awful,also another thing that could be made are bombs. The…

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