Usb Interface for It Students Essay

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Mansimar Nanda
Information Technology
March 2, 2016
Professor Mondol USB Interface In today’s new world of technology, we are very fortunate to be have USB ports, many of us ask ourselves about what USB ports are and why they play an important role in our lives. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is used for so many purposes whether that be in the technical world or daily uses. The main purpose of the USB is to receive and deliver different types of data. This is a protocol for connecting peripherals to a computer.

USB are small, reversible, fast, powerful, and flexible. They play a really big part in my college life. Being an IT stupid means that I have many essays and projects to complete, and with the help
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with an approximate “super speed” data transfer rate up to 4.8 gigabits per second This USB 3.0 is the market’s highest capacity flash drive with storage capabilities up to 1TB. You can backup your entire computer on this portable USB drive. The USB also allows you to transfer and edit HD and 4K video.
As the time and technology improves, the USB gets more beneficial for people all around the world. The inside of a USB has just 3 simple parts that help it get to work.
The board is used to hold all the internal components and it also includes the USB connector. The NAND flash memory storage chip is where all the files are stored to keep them safe from deleting. The last part is the controller chip which is known as the
“brain” of the flash drive. This retrieves information from the drive and records all the information from the NAND flash memory. All parts of the USB link together and without all three parts the USB in incomplete.

The USB is very simple and easy to use, in just a couple steps you can access all your information. Firstly you have to plug the memory stick into the computer. Go to your file and then save as, click the dropdown at the top and find the memory stick.
Next you'll have to drag your file to your memory stick and make sure it's located there before deleting the information. Finally you need to press save and then remove the memory stick while making sure it doesn't

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