Essay on Usaa, Linking It and Customer Service

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USAA, Linking IT and Customer Service
Josh Rothrock
Regis University
Information Technology Concepts – MSCC 610
April 27, 2014

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a company that is not publicly traded in the insurance and financial industry. The focus of USAA is to provide superior customer service to its members. USAA provides its products only to the military community. To better serve this specific niche market USAA has a corporate culture that allows for its employees to innovate and want to work for USAA. This has allowed USAA’s IT department to develop and implement new systems to achieve the goal of providing the best customer service possible. Without the implementations that USAA’s IT department
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Then in 1957 they officially entered the age of computers by installing an IBM 650, which was a punch card processing machine to help automate their processes. In 1961 USAA started to open up their business model more, by allowing officers to maintain their auto insurance with USAA even after they are no longer in the service. The 1960’s are also when USAA started to expand its product line by starting to offer homeowners insurance and life insurance products. By 1977 USAA had reached $1 billion in assets, and had also started working in investments. Real transformation started to take place at USAA starting in the 90’s. In 1994 USAA was selected by Microsoft as a company to help test Windows 95 software. Then in 1995 USAA opened up its membership to allow all enlisted service members to join. Which allowed for USAA’s base market for those who qualify simply explode. As 1999 came around USAA started up their first website,, so that members could make transactions online. At the end of 1999 they had 3.6 million members and its owned and managed assets were now at $58.9 billion. After September 11, 2001 USAA was the only insurer invited to participate in the Department of Defense's Survivor Assistance Center near the Pentagon because of its commitment to the military. In 2003 Computerworld and InformationWeek honored USAA’s information technology programs. By the end of 2003, 96% of active-duty military officers and 44% of

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