Essay on Usa and Mexico a Comparison of Two Cultures

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USA &Mexico


USA & Mexico
A Comparison of Two Cultures

Andrew Klupsch
Cultural Psychology
Ishler 2-4

Texas in it self is a highly diverse multicultural society. It takes on many aspects of many different cultures. One very noticeable culture that has a great impact on Texas would be that of the Mexican culture. Because Mexican culture is so apparent in Texas, that it is easy to compare and contrast some cultural aspects between Mexican and American cultures. This attempt to compare and contrast these two different yet similar cultures will increase awareness and acceptance of cultural differentiation. In order to examine these two cultures closely, I will use Hofstede's
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Pancho Villa led troops for the Madero movement and won the battle that conquered Porifirio Diaz. In American culture George Washington would be a paralleled hero. George Washington led the charge against the English homeland in the American Revolution. The Texan Revolution actually produced a hero for both cultures at the Battle of the Alamo. Santa Anna is forever memorialized in Mexican culture, as is Davy Crockett in American culture. American culture contains a couple different heroes not from wartime who are just as groundbreaking and influential as those before them. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States of America introduced the New Deal Legislation which was instrumental in bringing America out of the Great Depression. He also was the first president to talk to the people directly through the airwaves of radio. These are but a few reasons why FDR is considered a hero in American culture. One of American culture's most recent heroes, Martin Luther King Jr., worked for social equality and led the social and civil rights movement. He is most famous for his "I Have a Dream" speech where he spoke of racial equality, which solidified him as an American hero.
Another layer of culture that can be examined are the rituals that each culture takes part in. "Rituals are collective activities that are technically superfluous but are socially essential

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