Usa And Liberty Mutual Case Study

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This is a liability Dispute between USAA (USAA) and Liberty Mutual (LM). USSA contends that LM is 100% at fault. LM contends that USAA Shares 15% liability.

LM is the proximate cause of this loss for failure to yield right of way. USAA Shares 15% liability for failing to maintain proper lookout and failing to take reasonable evasive action.

The damage dispute Disputed was Proven by LM the total labor hours from the estimate provided by USAA was 19.4 based on 4 hours per day 5 days of rental is a reasonable rental. No reason was provided for the delay (part delay, ect) in agreement with the reductions of 178.26

USSA and LM both agree that LM was making a left turn. Both USAA and LM agree

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