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Healthcare in Germany vs. U.S.A
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Germany’s and the United States’ healthcare systems compare and contrast in many ways. Germany has the third richest economy in the world and many categorize their healthcare system as socialized. Germany provides medical care to all of the citizens—young, poor, old, sick, and injured. Otto von Bismarck the Prussian chancellor in the 1880s in Germany invented the concept of healthcare systems, the notion that a government has to provide mechanisms so all its people can get medical care when they need it. In 1883, the Sickness Insurance Act was passed, representing the first social insurance program. Over the past 130 years the
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If the specialist needed to operate on said non-urgent medical problem a person might wait 3-4 weeks for the surgery (Saul, 2014). It is about the same waiting time as the United States, although the cost of seeing a specialist in the United States is much greater than it would be in Germany.
Medication Costs
Coverage of medications is an important factor to consider when comparing and contrasting U.S. and Germany’s healthcare systems. Many patients have chronic medical conditions and have to take multiple medications, which can really add up if they are paying out of pocket. “Based on the OECD figures, Germans see their doctors more often, are provided more prescription drugs, have a higher hospital admission rate, and stay in the hospital longer compared to the U.S.” (Redic et. al, 2012).
Germany has proven to have lower costs for medications by far compared to the U.S. “Almost every German belongs to one of some 160 nonprofit "sickness funds," or nonprofit insurance collectives. The sickness funds cover both medical visits and prescription drugs. Drug prices there are already lower than in the U.S. because sickness funds negotiate with both physician groups and drug manufacturers to set costs of all treatments across the board. In the U.S., Medicare isn't even allowed to negotiate lower drug prices” (Khazan, 2014).
In 2010 Germany made the Pharmaceutical Market Restructuring

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