Us vs Canada Health Essay

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The comparison between health care in the United States and health care in Canada has been a continuing debate. America does not have a universal health coverage plan for it's population, while Canadians are privileged to have universal health coverage. Normally a patient will pay twice as much for health coverage in the United States compared to treatment in Canada. This puts the US in first position of having the most expensive health care system on earth. ( Most of the population in the United States have no health coverage at all. Compared to Canada, the wait time for elective procedures in the United States is somewhat longer. Many Americans feel the …show more content…
The failure of this system was contingent upon private health systems being able to cover all hospital charges, any charges that the patient incurred, and minimal charges. The result of private insurance not being able to cover all the services lead to the demise of private health insurance in all countries except the US. The US statics now show that over half of bankruptcies are medical bankruptcies. US is ignoring years of statistics showing that private health insurance is not viable for our nation and that the US should revise their health insurance policies. The cost of health care verses Canada and the US, the US spends more on health care than any other country making America the number one in health care expenditures. It seems that involving the government in health care policies by observing the statistics of switching to a single payer system like Canada's might lead us to a resolution to appreciate Canada's health care reforms. Which seems to be working for the Canadian country. In America the we have a history of increased death rates because our health care systems cut corners in for patient care. Why does America cut corners? It is simply put, we have to consider the profit margins for investors and the high salaries that we pay the administrators.(
This is where the cost cutting comes to fruitation. The

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