Us Invasion Of Iraq Research Paper

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Reasons of US invasion in Iraq and its Consequences The United States spends $648 billion of the total federal spending in the military. The U.S. has its military presence all around the world, and it is best known for their startle foreign policy. In addition, The Unites States has been involved in several political overthrows and many theories have been developed in order to comprehend such statement. Professor Goodwin mentioned some of the main reasons why the U.S. might be spending almost seventeen percent of the total federal income on the military. He first mentioned the idea of national security. That is, to defend the homeland by protecting the borders and attacking those who are threats to the country. Secondly, to expand freedom and democracy around the world. In addition, to protect and defend U.S. corporations overseas, and lastly, to look for the interests of capitalists around the world. This is to say, to replace the power of Great Britain before World War II and become the most powerful country in the world. …show more content…
invasion of Iraq by Stephen Kinzer and Vivek Chibber. I will first explain the basic reasons for the invasion by each author. Kinzer arguing that the main reason is to support U.S. corporations overseas, and Vivek analyzing that U.S. business corporations interests are not compelling enough to explain such argument, and therefore, America has developed a strategic plan to become the leading power. Chibber argues that invasions such as Iraq are key for the development of such regime change. In addition, I will give explain why those two theories are compelling and the main three similarities and three differences of both arguments. Lastly, I will give my opinion and analysis on the reasons why I find Vivek Chibbers’ statement more

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