Us Government 's Cruel Treatment For American Indians Essay

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US government’s cruel treatment to American Indians According to a professor of ethnic at the University of Colorado whose name is Ward Churchill, the North American Indian population reduced from estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237000 in 1900. It is a big difference, which we can regard this as a vast genocide. Moreover, written by a historian at the University of Hawaii, Native Americans had undergone the worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring across two continents. The major reason of that reduction is the expansion of greedy US government. America was their own lands, and they should have the right to live, hunt, and enjoy their life in there. Because of the hateful Manifest Destiny, US government started being eager for the lands that American Indians were possessing. Plenty of official or invalid treaties were signed, and many of them were unequal for American Indians. Under the bully and oppress from the US government, innocent American Indians had to leave their hometowns and departed to an unknown place. For proving the crime of the US government, followings were the valid evidences.
The Trail of Tears was the foremost crime that US government made. It was the migration route members of the Cherokee Nation followed in 1838–1839 when the federal government forced their removal from the southeastern United States to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. During this removal, estimated 4000 of 16000…

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