Us Airways Flight 1549 Research Paper

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On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus A320, took off from La Guardia with 150 passengers and 5 crew members, bound for Charlotte, NC. Three minutes into flight it struck a flock of Canada geese and lost power in both engines. Air controllers tried to divert the US Airways plane back to La Guardia or a nearby airport in New Jersey. Captain Chesley "Sully'' Sullenberger decided he did could not safely land the plane in either of the airports, and glided the plane into the Hudson.
As water got in the drifting plane, the passengers walked out of the doors to stand on the wings or the partially submerged slides. A few swam away from the plane fearing an explosion. The temperature was 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Soon New York Waterway
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Some of the passengers felt horrified by the shocking experience. Their family members, stunned by the news coverage, were worried about their wellbeing and eager to get in touch with them or reunite with them. Some passengers wanted to get to their planned destination but were worried about flight safety and preferred to travel by land. the passengers’ belongings, such as wallets, cell phones, computers, and luggage, were still in the partly submerged plane. Later a few passengers contacted law firms to consult about suing for emotional distress and other …show more content…
The airline also reimbursed passengers for their ticket costs. Although some passengers and the National Air Disaster Alliance & Foundation considered $5,000 not high enough, US Airways indicated it employed claims adjusters to compensate passengers whose losses were higher than $5,000. The company didn't require passengers receiving the compensation to waive their legal rights, which was seen as an exception to the industry norm. The company also sent follow-up letters offering the service of the Customer Care Team and information on retrieval of their

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