Urinary Tract Infections Essay

Working in a nursing home we are trained in several things; one of them being the proper way to bathe and clean one 's peritoneal area. One method of preventing a UTI is by making sure to always wipe from front to back this lessons the chances of getting fecal matter in the urinary tract. This is just from my general knowledge however, I did some more research for not just this essay but for my own knowledge as well. I found that there are 10 tips to preventing Urinary Tract Infections.

(1) “Let the genital area breath. That means to wear loose fitting pants.”
(2) “Opt for pads rather than tampons. Tampons can increase the risk of an UTI.”
(3) “Don 't douche.” No perfumed products near the lady bits.
(4) “Choose showers over baths. To
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Wash the anus and genitals before and after having sex.”
(6) “Wipe Right” As I said from front to back.
(7) “Stay hydrated with the right fluids” Waste not want not if you stay hydrated you can flush the bacteria out of your system better.
(8) “Ditch the diaphragm” “Diaphragms increase the chance of UTI 's”
(9) “Don 't hold it” Don 't I know this with my kidney problems I get told this a lot. When you hold your urine your actually putting a lot of pressure on your bladder and increasing the chances for a UTI.
(10) “Take antibiotics” This is only if you experience recurring UTI 's. Diana
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So let 's go back to the basics of anatomy, the upper urinary tract starts with what organ, the kidney. The kidney is responsible for filtering so this is where the liquid waste comes from. It starts in your kidney and travels from the ureter to the bladder and out of your urethra. So in turn an upper urinary tract infection can also be called a kidney infection, or pyelonephritis. This type of urinary tract infection is very dangerous if left untreated it can cause septicaemia. “Symptoms can be pain in the lower back, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting”. When you start feeling the pain it is best to see the doctor right away before it gets to the point where you get the rest of the symptoms. I have had many of these types of infections due to hydornephrosis and kidney stones. Now, the lower urinary tract infection can include your bladder and your urethra since we know this from basic anatomy. The infection in the urethra is also known as urethritis. The infection ins the bladder is known as cystitis.” The symptoms for either of these types of infections can be as follows: increase in urine, urgency to go, pain or burning when you go, dark or urine with an odor, pelvic pain, cloudy urine, and even blood in your urine.” Treatment for both upper and lower urinary tract infections is typically an antibiotic keep in mind it

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